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This website is currently being rebuilt, to better reflect our commitment to our 5 I's methodology.

Far beyond pure data analytics, 5 I's provides an unbiased, de-politicized, accurate view of the business that is truly consumer-centric.

5 I's combines the Executive-level top-down understanding of core issues with a rigorous, cross-functional and collaborative approach to leveraging information assets and delivering actionable performance improvements.

Industry-, market- and platform agnostic, the 5 I's approach gives consumer insight consequence, generates focused action and unlocks profitable growth.

With successful applications in over 30 countries in the business-to-consumer (tobacco), business-to-business (oil & gas services), financial (auto-insurance) and government sectors,  5 I's is our structured yet modular approach to planning that is highly adaptable to the wide-ranging consumer demands, market drivers or cultural challenges facing companies today.

Please do revisit this website in the near future as we take 5 I's to the next level.

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